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Re: Patents and Linux

Chadley Wilson wrote:

On Mon, 2004-05-17 at 09:54, WipeOut wrote:

This is one area where IBM, Novell, HP, Redhat and many of the other big players in the Linux and Open Source world seem to have been very quiet!!

Obviously they would all be happy if the patents came in because they would stand to gain finacially from it as they have the money to also go on a patent spree.. It really only the little guys who will be shut down while the "Evil Empires" continue to monopolise the world..

All this thanks to a bunch of computer illiterate retards in government's around the world who listen to the monopolistic corporations when making decisions about technology who are only out to capatalise on their position for their own gain.. Just because those corporations have the biggest market share doesn't mean they are the best people to ask for advise..

So much for demoracy, freedom and equal oppertunity.. All these things are steadily being regulated away from the people and the political leaders are becoming more and more like dictators..

Welcome to a world where "Big Brother" is active in everyday life, not just on a TV show..

we should rebel, what are they going to do throw the whole open source
community in jail?

Yes.. If the patent bills go through then it becomes law and anyone breaking the law goes to jail..

Also mobalising people behind a cause is hard enough so the chances of getting enough people behind it are pretty slim..


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