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Mon May 17 10:33:02 UTC 2004

On Mon, May 17, 2004 at 06:13:50PM +0800, Jap wrote:

> I'm a newbies of red hat. I am currently using windows xp and i want to 
> install fedora... i hav downloaded the iso image (yarrow-i386-disc1.iso 
> , yarrow-i386-disc2.iso , yarrow-i386-disc3.iso). What else files should 

Tettnang (Fedora Core 2, Yarrow is Fedora Core 1) is already out there on the
Bittorrent, and will be released officially tomorrow. Perhaps you shouldn't
        (don't use torrents, make sure you install bittorrent
	and open the right ports on your firewall so that other clients could

invest too much time into what's about to become a legacy distro at some

Notice that there are some potentially unresolved issues with Windows XP/dual
boot FC2. It might be a good idea to repartition in a safe way
(PartitionMagic, make boot disks) before installing. 

> i have?? I have  a few question,
> 1. What files i need to dowmload to burn into CD if i want to install 
> from CD?

Do you have a DVD burner? Can you install from DVD? I suggest you get a DVD
image via Bittorrent, it's less pain that way (no need to juggle several
media). CDR .isos work just as well, of course.

> 2. How should i burn the installation CD? need any folder?? need to 
> label my  CD?

An .iso is a complete CD (or DVD) image. You should just find the option
"burn image" or somesuch in your favourite CD authoring software. 

> 3. How to install form cd?? run from windows xp? I read an arctical tat 

Make sure your system would boot from CD/DVD medium, then reboot your
machine. Notice that you *most definitely* should backup everything, and
repartition in a safe way. Not knowing exactly what you're doing is an
excellent way to make your existing XP installation unbootable (easy enough
to fix when having boot floppies/media at hand) or blow it away altogether
(try not to do that).

> stated if we choose our partiton as VFAT the we can see tat pertition in 
> red hat. How to do tat as i can choose NTFS and FAT32 only.

Fedora Core can't r/w NTFS (there's a way to mount NTFS read-only, assuming
it's supported in the stock kernel). There's a hack involving running a
Windows binary in Linux (userland or kernelspace?) to r/w NTFS safely, but I
wouldn't touch it right now.

Just shrink your existing NTFS partition (Partition Magic can do that, did I
mention boot floppies? I believe I did, several times), and install FC, using
Grub as boot manager in MBR.

But let other people do it first, and report success, lest you get that 
possible FC2 bug bite you.
> I hope you can help me solve all the problems.... thank you very much.

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