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Re: dumb question about RAID and FC1 Install

Am Mo, den 17.05.2004 schrieb redhat um 14:28:

> I am in the process of installing a new mail server.  I have 5 drives -
> 2 with RAID 1 and the other 3 RAID 5.  The R1 array was intended for the
> OS and the R5 for the data.  When I went in to configure the drives on
> the GUI installation process the automatic drive configuration utility
> selected both RAIDs for install by default.  I deselected my R5 side and
> went ahead with the install on the R1 drives.  Didn't really think too
> much about it at the time but now I can see the RAID 5 under /dev/sdb
> but it is like "unformatted space".  Do I need to go back and do a
> reinstall and let the install program use both RAIDS for the install
> procedure or is there something "post install" that I can do to activate
> these drives and begin using it for data?  Any help appreciated.
> thanks,
> Doug

Using the "automatic drive configuration" during installation process is
nearly always not the best choice when you need such a custom setup.

But you do not need to reinstall. Just create a partition and filesystem
on the RAID5 array (fdisk and mkfs.$FOO, where $FOO is the FS of your
choice). After creating the filesystem you need to decide what
mountpoint that RAID5 array shall become. You may even partition the
unused array to have more than one mountpoint.

For ease of description I take you want /var/spool/mail on the RAID5 (as
you said it shall be a mail server). Switch to runlevel 1 and edit
/etc/fstab to include the freshly created /var/spool/mail target being
on the RAID5 array. Run "mount -a" then and switch back to standard
runlevel 3 using "init 3". Ready.


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