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RE: Heresy Help

This is probably an ignorant question but does WebDAV provide the same
functionality?  I assume its not a Microsoft product but supports
FrontPage functionality?  I did see reference to it in the FrontPage


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Chalonec Roger said:
> John,
> I found the download site at the url below.  Have not used the 
> downloads yet because I was looking for someone who had done this 
> already or had an alternative for Fedora.
> Roger
> http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyID=0c5eb0ad-e1ad
> -4
> 100-9b76-8772a8220062&displaylang=en
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>> I know this may sound like heresy to lots of Linux/Fedora folks but 
>> has anyone ever been able to support Microsoft FrontPage extensions 
>> on
>> a Fedora Apache web server?
> I don't think that's heresy.  Much of the web is powered by Linux, and

> there are aa lot of Front Pge Server Extensions in use out there.  I'm

> not doing this currently, but I am exquisitely interested in the 
> details of how to get it going.  I am running Apache now, but I'd like

> to get the extensions going.
> Please keep the list informed, or if you don't mind, keep me 
> personally in mind as you progress.
> Thanks - John in Indiana

Use WebDAV and lock it down, it is part of the core Apache modules.  A
much better solution the FP Extensions.  I spend most of my day fighting
with IIS and FP extensions, I would not wish the torment on my worst
enemy :)

Luc Bouchard.

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