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Re: Heresy Help

Am Mo, den 17.05.2004 schrieb Chalonec Roger um 13:26:

> I know this may sound like heresy to lots of Linux/Fedora folks but has
> anyone ever been able to support Microsoft FrontPage extensions on a
> Fedora Apache web server?  I have downloaded the scripts from the devil
> but was wondering if anyone has experience with this.   Or is there an
> easier way than using Microsoft provided extensions?  I am running FC1
> with the bundled Apache web server which was incredibly easy to set up
> and use.
> Thanks
> Roger
These FrontPage extensions are just a proprietary Apache module, causing
security risks.

Better use WebDAV. It is already part of Apache2 and you are not limited
to one specific (even awful) webpage creator software. See



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