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Re: MySQL 4.0.x

Mark A. Hoover wrote:

Given that it's RedHat that seems to have the issue with the licensing, I personally don't see the problem with complaining to RedHat about it. I just checked SuSE's site and they don't seem to have any qualms whatsoever about providing the 4.x RPMS within their distribution that last I checked they were also selling commercially.

This is getting really old. RedHat has a clear policy about the type of license required for all software in their distribution. This shouldn't be news to anyone on this list. Their license policy is one of the primary reasons I use RedHat distributions and I'd imagine most people wouldn't want them to change their position.

I think it's about time that RedHat and the mySQL people stop playing the blame game and come up with an agreeable compromise. The fact that it's been over a year and this still hasn't been fixed unconscionable.

I hardly think the word 'unconscionable' is appropriate. By the way, have you bothered to complain to MySQL about this? Pick another distribution if you don't like RedHat's policy, or just download and install MySQL yourself.


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