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Re: Problems with Fedora PHP and Apache

Alexander Dalloz wrote:
Am Mo, den 17.05.2004 schrieb John Nichel um 16:56:

Not to reopen the "old school vs. new school" debate again, but I feel that if one is going to take on an endouver such as running their own web server, they will be better informed on how to configure/troubleshoot the application if they install from source vs. something like an RPM which is supposed to do it for you. Not to say that RPM's don't work, but in many instances they don't provide what the user thinks he/she is getting. Granted, this is a user issue, and not a RPM issue, but we wouldn't see as many, "why doesn't this work..." questions.

John C. Nichel

I disagree. If people would spend the same amount of efforts they would
need to get things like Apache(2) and PHP compiled from source and
running like they want into discovering how the software is that comes
with RPMs, they easily would get the same results, even quicker I
believe. It is often some kind of lazyness to use the packaged software
and then to expect reading the shipped docs is not necessary. I do not
intend to blame the OP of this thread! I just fight against your
argument. See i.e.

But you touch on two points that favor what I'm saying. You say that that it is often some kind of laziness to use pre-packaged software. Exactaly. Whereas installing from source takes a bit more work, knowledge, and research of that knowledge.

John C. Nichel
john kegworks com

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