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Re: Problems getting 2 NICs to work.


Yes, I have two full class c networks from 2 different ISPs. I am simply trying to assign one IP address from each ISP to the two NICs in these machines. When both NICs are acivated, they both show up in a cat of /proc/interrupts.

Another observation that I've made (I'm unsure if it even means anything):

When I "ifup eth1" the default route moves from the gateway of eth0 to the gateway of eth1 and then when I ifdown eth1 the default gateway ceases to exist.

Strange things...

Alexander Dalloz wrote:

[ Sorry, the first reply got scrambled by mailman ]

Am Mo, den 17.05.2004 schrieb Kevin Kimmell um 16:01:

I didn't realize I was "hijacking" a thread. I reviewed all of the threads that accumulated over the weekend and didn't see anything that
appeared to cover this topic. I did post this same message to a forum and have got little response so I thought posting to this somewhat active list might garner quicker help. I apologize for any rules that



Thread hijacking does not mean that you reask a question previously answered, but that your own posting appears to be part of an unrelated topic. So your mail header contains

References:  <40A8905E 2060800 netscape net>
<20040517103302 GB25728 leitl org>
<1084800183 4273 1 camel tuc rep51 net>

And yes, this is the proper "forum" for asking such questions regarding
Fedora use.

The patch level I'm using is .2188 on all machines.

Ok, good.

Running the "ping -I eth1 yahoo.com" results in an unknow host error. All troubleshooting techniques that I would use for normal network problems seem to say that traffic isn't getting past the machine when


have the 2nd NIC running.

Please paste the ifcfg-eth[0,1] configuration files (they are in /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/).

The separate IPs are set up on two physically separate NICs so I am


using aliases. Since the 2 different class C's are running over the


switch plane I did initially try to use virtual/aliased IPs on the


eth interface but when I had problems decided to just enable the 2nd


I am confused by you mentioning class C's. So you have 2 complete class
C nets your own, meaning and That would
means 2 times 256 IPs (508 usable). Or are you just speaking of 2 IPs,
both each from a class C net? That would make a big difference.

The newest machine that I set up is using patch level 2115 and I let Fedora do the networking setup via the graphical installation and I


each ethernet interface an available IP on the two different networks but it still has this same problem. I'm reading that entire HOW-TO now
and hope to find something to help. If anyone has anything else for me
to try, I'd appreciate any pointers.

Do both NICs appear in "cat /proc/interrupts"? Does look the output of "ifconfig" proper? Can you ping the local IPs itself?



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