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Re: MySQL 4.0.x

At 12:31 5/16/2004, Thomas Zehetbauer wrote:
I have just recently posted a similar request and I guess the Fedora
steering committee must finally take up it's resposibility for a
community driven project and accept that they need to have a separate
MySQL package for Fedora and RHEL. BTW, I very much doubt that people
buying RHEL are happy with this archaic MySQL version either.


I run Fedora and RHEL, and in both cases I make money from the use of those servers. I like the archaic MySQL just fine, thank you very much, since the new license *could* be interpreted to mean I owe MySQL AB a lot of money if I happen to run a 4.x version of the database I already ran. I thank God for a company like Red Hat, which protects my interests by having clear goals, guidelines, and policies, and by honoring those policies.

The new MySQL licensing is a classic bait-and-switch: it's free, you use it, you like it, and then you have to switch (and pay your programmers to make the change) or pay them a lot of money. MySQL AB is banking on making some sales because some people will find it cheaper to stay and pay than to walk. That bothers the hell out of me, and on principle I walk. I'm moving all our stuff to PostgreSQL now, which has always been a fine database anyway... I just started on MySQL and had no major reason to switch before (but boy, I do now).

What are *you* going to do? That is your decision and your responsibility. I don't care, and I'll hazard a guess that 99.9% of this list doesn't either. I speak for no one but myself, but as a member of the Fedora community I'm going to do everything I can to ensure that the objectives of the Fedora Project are upheld.


-- Rodolfo J. Paiz rpaiz simpaticus com http://www.simpaticus.com

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