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Re: Problems with Fedora PHP and Apache

William Hooper wrote:
[whooper token whooper]$ HEAD http://us2.php.net/

That's a mirror. ie Not the website run by the creators and maintainers of the PHP language....


Yep, that's the mirror you used.  So I guess their mirrors aren't

I also use us4.php.net from time to time, since they're usually faster than www.php.net. I don't see how that reflects on the statements of the creator(s) of PHP.

Do you think it's some great conspiracy by the PHP people to keep you
away from Apache2?  Like they have something to gain?

No, I think they are being hypocritical.

How are 'they' being hypocritical? They, the php people run their website on Apache 1.3.x. Some of the mirrors choose not too. The mirrors are not controled by the 'PHP people'. If you drove a Ford, and Ford told you that there is a problem with your brakes, but then Chevy told you that they were fine, would Ford be hypocritical?

John C. Nichel
john kegworks com

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