kernel 2.6 and KVM's

Jeremy Brown jeremy at
Mon May 17 17:31:31 UTC 2004

Marshall Clark wrote:

>Have been using a wheel mouse with 4 machines running on a KVM switch
>and have never had to reboot.
>Is that machine setup have the mouse setup as a wheel mouse?
>I set all my video to the same resolution and keyboards and mice to the
>same type and never had a problem.

I can echo that I *have* had this problem before.

I think the protocol used to communicate between the mouse and the bus 
(imps2) requires a persistent connection...if interrupted, the mouse 
starts to behave completely erratically.  Changing the protocol to 
standard ole "ps2" seems to get rid of this, but will not let you use 
the wheel.

If your imps2 connection gets messed up, I've found that restarting X 
seems to restore it.


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