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Re: Opinion: NVIDIA drivers are a Good Thing [tm]

At 11:16 5/17/2004, Rui Miguel Seabra wrote:
> >Your option, and I advise against recommending it.

> My option, and my opinion, and I'll advocate it as I damn well please,
> thank you very much.

I don't seek silence of others. I don't remember forcing you threatning
to hurt you otherwise, did I?

Contradiction here. You said "I advise against recommending it" which although polite, is essentially the same as "please keep your mouth shut." No force or threat was implied, of course, but you sure as hell sought my silence. QED.

It is you who don't realize that you're being cheated, as a costumer,
buying the package for the bright colours, accepting to be treated like
a criminal having to agree to outrageous conditions in order to have 3D.

Please. Less drama, more thought. I beg you to provide even the most minimal substantiation for your "treated like a criminal" charge, and one example of the "outrageous conditions". I will kindly condescend to ignore your assumption of my idiocy implied in "buying the package for the bright colours." When was it you said you didn't paint things radically? Never mind... just try to back up your wild claims, OK?

I agree that the market votes with its dollars, and I intend to do that. I also think good companies will do what brings them more money, and to a point some/many will also seek to do The Right Thing [tm] so long as it does not result in their own annihilation. As I said before, I would *prefer* open-source drivers: this means that I would be willing to pay more for a card which did the same but which had Free drivers, and that I would choose a card with Free drivers over one without, all else being equal.

However, if I buy a machine with an NVIDIA card in it for other reasons, in the short term I want it to work well. In the long term, if I can afford to replace it, then great. If I can help to create open drivers for it, great. But NVIDIA is providing me *now* with a solution which works beautifully and I will use it. As a matter of fact, I will use their solution to make the card useful, and I will periodically test, debug, and bugzilla the open-source nv driver to help them develop it.

I choose to look for a world which is better each day. You (specifically, in a message less than two hours ago) claimed that this is a "bad" solution that will in effect prevent us from ever getting a "good" solution. I find your opinion of very low value. Feel free to continue arguing this, but stick to facts and realities and reason. The last paragraph I quoted from you above is far from that.


-- Rodolfo J. Paiz rpaiz simpaticus com http://www.simpaticus.com

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