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RE: basic list mail content: FC1 or FC2

Sunday, May 16, 2004 10:14 AM Alexander Dalloz proposed resolving an
upcoming conundrum...

Before I dig into this, a quiet salute to Alexander for once more
stepping up and taking the lead.  :-)

> Two nights ahead of the official release of Fedora Core 2 I 
> would like to initiate a discussion about the question, 
> whether and if yes, how the running release information 
> should be a default information in list postings which do not 
> cover just general questions.

Never assume any given user will be able to discern general from FC
version specific behavior. This should be standard information on every
> I think for some time we will see users still running FC1 a 
> lot will soon upgrade. 

I'll probably rebuild the linux side of my personal workstation as soon
as I have the time, but I also have several FC1 machines in production
roles. I won't be upgrading (read that rebuilding) them without some
over-riding reason (like FC1 reaching EOL). 

> But often you can never be certain 
> which stable release someone is using, unless he gives that 
> information or you can conclude that from a specific package 
> version or such information. So:
> - Should posters (nearly) always start their postings with a 
> preface, stating whether it is Fedora Core 1 or Fedora Core 2?

Always, as stated above. Also, body content can be lost in replies, how
about 'FC1:' and 'FC2:' subject line prefixes?  
> - Should that be a guideline whether the poster with a 
> question or problem knows if the question / problem is 
> release specific or whether he does not know?

Again, assumes any given user can discern that. Better to make it
standard info.

> - Should the standard information maybe come from: "cat 
> /etc/fedora-release"? -> Fedora Core release 1 (Yarrow) 
> Fedora Core release 2 (Tettnang)

Sounds good if we can get new users to do it. How about kernel version
and arch info as well?

Eric Diamond
eDiamond Networking & Security
eric <at> ediamond [dot] net



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