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Re: Problems with Fedora PHP and Apache

William Hooper wrote:
Adam Voigt said:

On Mon, 2004-05-17 at 13:56, William Hooper wrote:

Let get your analogy correct:  Henry Ford says the new tires have a
problem with Ford's brakes and he won't use them (aka your 'PHP
people')... But Ford uses the exact same new tires and brakes on a good
percentage of it's delivery trucks (aka mirror sites).  Again, actions
speak louder than words.

Ok, I'm confused, are you saying the PHP "group" says don't use the apache 2 series, but then do anyway?

I'm saying that at least 2 of the official PHP.net mirror servers say
"Don't use Apache 2", but are running Apache 2.

They are just mirroring the content of PHP.net. What does it matter what the mirror runs? They are just providing a service, not the content. I don't even think that would make the mirror sites hypocritical, since it is not their opinion they're expressing, but that of the PHP group (again, not just some users of PHP, but the opinion of the people who make PHP).

John C. Nichel
john kegworks com

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