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Re: Problems with Fedora PHP and Apache

Adam Voigt wrote:
On Mon, 2004-05-17 at 14:11, John Nichel wrote:

That's not how my analogy would work out. It wouldn't be Ford using the tires/brakes that Ford recommends against, it would be the people who deliver products for Ford using the parts that Ford recommends against. ie, it's not the PHP Group using Apache 2, which they recommend against, it's some mirror sites (people who don't work for the PHP group) using Apache 2

Just to expand on that, you can note that at:


They only specify which PHP version you should be running, not Apache.
So basically they're trying not to be draconian about you providing a
free mirror with the exact software they want.

And they also add...

"Official PHP mirror sites should provide the exact content coming from rsync.php.net, and should not be altered in any way not described in the mirroring guidelines. Failing to do so can result in immediate removal of your mirror from our list."

So the mirrors are not allowed to remove the Apache 2 warning from PHP's documentation, even if they're using Apache 2.

John C. Nichel
john kegworks com

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