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Re: ISP and SMTP Authentication

Am Mo, den 17.05.2004 schrieb Lucas, David um 19:56:

> I was wondering if anyone knows how to configure Sendmail to authenticate to
> my ISP to send mail??  My ISP has recently blocked everyone from relaying
> mail on their SMTP server to authenticated users, which in turn made my mail
> server not work very well.  So, any help that you could give me would
> greatly be appreciated.

> Dave

Pretty easy. Edit your /etc/mail/access file to contain a line

AuthInfo:smtp.your-isp.tld "U:your_username" "P:your_password" "M:PLAIN"

in this example taking PLAIN is a valid authentification mechanism with
your ISP's host. Make sure that the access / access.db files are not
world readable, containing that auth data.

If you do prefer to use a separate file, then activate
FEATURE(`authinfo') in your sendmail.mc and create a map file authinfo
with the corresponding data. See


for further notes.


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