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Re: Problems with Fedora PHP and Apache

William Hooper wrote:
Maybe I should sent them a mail suggesting they update their warning:

"Don't use Apache 2 with PHP.  It's not ready for production use, just
good enough for mirroring our content."

So you think the PHP people should force their mirror sites to use what they want them to use? If I run a Microsoft/IIS box, should I not be allowed to mirror the site?

Again, if they feel the need, suggesting Apache 1.x is fine. Spreading
FUD about Apache 2.x just makes them come of looking childish. Specifically, a quote from the post you mentioned earlier:
"That's the essence of our reccomendation to stick with the Apache1
codebase we know well until such a time that Apache2 actually delivers
substantial enough features to warrant the effort it is going to take to
hammer it into a production-quality environment."

This has nothing to do with the techincal facts, they just have an ax to
grind against Apache 2.

You seem to think it's a conspiracy...that the PHP group has something to gain by recommending one version of Apache over another. Again, it's not PHP itself that has issues with the multi-threading of Apache 2. It's some of the third party applications included with PHP. PHP works with Apache 2. They recommend that you don't use it in a production enviroment. They explain why. Where is the FUD? The only FUD I saw was someone from Red Hat stating that the some PHP users were spreading FUD. He failed to mention that these 'users' are the people who create PHP, and he didn't back up his statement with any facts as to why he's right, and they're wrong. I'm starting to believe that someone does have an ax to grind, but it's not the PHP people.

John C. Nichel
john kegworks com

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