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Re: Problems with Fedora PHP and Apache

William Hooper wrote:

John Nichel said:

Do you think it's some great conspiracy by the PHP people to keep you
away from Apache2? Like they have something to gain?

No, I think they are being hypocritical.

How are 'they' being hypocritical? They, the php people run their
website on Apache 1.3.x. Some of the mirrors choose not too. The
mirrors are not controled by the 'PHP people'. If you drove a Ford, and
Ford told you that there is a problem with your brakes, but then Chevy
told you that they were fine, would Ford be hypocritical?

Let get your analogy correct: Henry Ford says the new tires have a
problem with Ford's brakes and he won't use them (aka your 'PHP
people')... But Ford uses the exact same new tires and brakes on a good
percentage of it's delivery trucks (aka mirror sites). Again, actions
speak louder than words.

So you are saying that the developers of PHP are responsible for the hardware/software used by the mirror sites?

Get real and talk about things they actually have control of. They have *recommended* that you not use that combination of software in a production environment, but you are free to do whatever you chose. Just be aware that you were warned.

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