Problems with Fedora PHP and Apache

John Nichel john at
Mon May 17 20:36:10 UTC 2004

William Hooper wrote:
> Now, to get back to the original topic...
> John Nichel said:
> [snip]
>>No, they don't work just fine.  Maybe in your production enviroment, or
>>in the mirror's production enviroment they work just fine, but not in
>>all enviroments.
> So likewise, your environment may require rebuilding PHP and apache from
> source, but not everyone's does.
>>Like I've stated, the problem isn't with PHP vs.
>>Apache 2 per se, the problem is with Apache 2's multi-threading and
>>third party modules included with PHP.
> FC ships with HTTPd configured for the "prefork" model for that reason.
>>You (and the mirrors) may not be
>>using one of the modules that have problems.  With PHP being user
>>configurable to include/remove so many different modules, you may have a
>>base install working fine on one box, but then you want to play around
>>with the gd libraries, so you configure PHP with gd, and all of a
>>sudden, Apache 2 starts barffing.
> And since FC1 doesn't ship with these questionable modules, your
> recommendation to the user having an issue to "Install from source, not
> RPM's. Read the PHP recomendation about NOT using Apache2 and PHP
> together." is based on what?
> To sum it up, if you would have said "Some PHP modules that don't come
> with FC might have issues with Apache 2, are you using those" I wouldn't
> have had an issue.  To just tell anyone that has any kind of issue "Don't
> use Apache 2 and PHP together, build from source" doesn't help anyone.

To me, it seems that your 'issue' is with the PHP group.  For some 
reason you seem to think that they're trying to pull a fast one one you.

I already stated why I recommended building from source.  When you asked 
me about this quite a few posts ago, I said this...

"Not to reopen the "old school vs. new school" debate again, but I feel
that if one is going to take on an endouver such as running their own
web server, they will be better informed on how to
configure/troubleshoot the application if they install from source vs.
something like an RPM which is supposed to do it for you.  Not to say
that RPM's don't work, but in many instances they don't provide what the
user thinks he/she is getting.  Granted, this is a user issue, and not a
RPM issue, but we wouldn't see as many, "why doesn't this work..."

It had nothing to do with Apache 2 vs. PHP. That was your beef because 
someone at Red Hat wrote a message claiming that _some_ PHP users were 
spreading FUD, and the rest is history.

My original statement about PHP and Apache 2 was this...

Install from source, not RPM's.  Read the PHP recomendation about NOT
using Apache2 and PHP together.

John C. Nichel
john at

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