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Re: Cyber-cafe

That would depend on what you wanted.

If you want to have a Cafe with internet enabled access, that
may not be too difficult. If you wanted to make money selling
internet access that is a different story.

For the Cafe with internet access, I would suggest you get
an adsl connection and some kind of hotspot type access router.

The one I have used in a few sites is the D-Link DSA-3100 along
with a D-Link DSA-3100P. On the LAN port I put a switch for
wired access with RJ45 plugs neer the tables along the walls
and on the Authentcation port I attach a wireless access point
with WEP encryption. This is a good and simple solution because
the DSA-3100P is a printer that attaches to the DSA-3100 and it
has a single button configured to print out a ticket that gives
a specified amount access time at a specific price. The sites
I setup do not charge for the access but you only get a ticket
if you purchase a meal.

Go to D-Link's website and check it out.

Claudio Bustamante wrote:

Hello, I'm new at this mailing list and I'd like to know this:
What do I need to run a CyberCafe.
From OS to daemons.
Thanks to everyone. Claudio Bustamante.


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