Making a playable DVD on FC1/FC2

Gregory Gulik greg at
Mon May 17 21:30:52 UTC 2004

I have the contents of a DVD made by a friend, i.e. a directory called 
VIDEO_TS containing all the video files.  I've been able to burn this to 
a DVD+R using Windows tools successfully but I'm trying to avoid Windows 
if I can.

However when I use mkisofs to create an ISO of the directory and burn it 
to a DVD+R using dvdrecord I can mount the DVD and see the video_ts 
(shows up as lowercase BTW) but I can't play it with either xine or ogle.

Are there any special options I should be passing to mkisofs or 
dvdrecord to make this playable?

Greg Gulik                       
greg @

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