Cisco vpn with Core 2 2.6.5 kernel

Mike Hogsett hogsett at
Mon May 17 21:32:52 UTC 2004

> I have searched high and low for a way to get the cisco vpn linux
> version 4.0.3.Bk9 client to work with a 2.6.5 kernel.
> I have tried the deadlock patch from but it
> doesn't work for me.
> It worked great using a 2.4 kernel.
> Does anyone have any other ideas?

Looks like vpnclient-linux-4.0.4.A-k9.tar.gz supports 2.6.

>From the readme (which I had to submit a blood sample, retina scan, and
sign away my first born for) :

Revision: Release 4.0.4.A
Files:    vpnclient-linux-4.0.4.A-k9.tar.gz

Resolved Issues
CSCed72716 Linux vpnclient hangs with 2.6.2 and greater kernels.

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