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Re: The future of Diskette bootstraps

david wrote:

One of my systems does not support CD-ROM boostrap. FC1 provided a bootstrap diskette which solved the problem, and let me install from the network or from CDROM, both of which worked for me.

Is this capability going to be maintained in future version of Fedora?

If not, is there some option that would work?

David Kurn

I would presume that boot floppies should be around for a little while longer but floppies are too small to be used much longer.

I have been noticing more and more computers being sold that don't come with floppy drives anymore. I'm not just talking about Mac's either. We have a bunch of little machines we use for single purpose servers, and they don't come with a floppy or CD, so we hookup a CD to get the install started and do a network install.

Good luck.

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