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Re: Opinion: NVIDIA drivers are a Good Thing [tm]

On Mon, 2004-05-17 at 14:58 -0700, Jonathan Gardner wrote:
> Is the BSA (Business Software Alliance) just a figment of our imaginations, 
> or are they not *extorting* money out of small businesses who merely can't 
> find their licenses or who don't have the resources to do a complete audit? 
> Do they not  drop by, demand evidence of compliance without any evidence of 
> violations, and threaten with federal prosecution if they don't comply? 
> Whatever happened to the freedoms outlined in the US Consitution?

Just for reference...

Guitar maker plays a Linux tune

Also about Ernie Ball:

> Believe what you want, but reality *is* more grim than you imagine. The 
> stuff that is happening now in the US is merely a few months ahead of what 
> will happen in Europe. I don't know where you are located -- I can't 
> pretend to know -- but just because software licensing and patents aren't 
> an issue where you live doesn't mean that it isn't an issue where I live.

And many rather live in a make believe world saying Europe is unlike the

The EU approved (yes, it's already past tense although very recent) a
directive that allows one's home to be raided by private police at the
command of "rights" holders without a judge or court order.

Be ready... Member-states have two years from the date the directive is
published in the EU Journal (is this the name?) to implement it in their
Translation for USA citizens:
    think Directive == Act, State == Member-state.

Get the picture of how bad it is going to be?

Well, RIAA going after kids in schools is not enough, hey?


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