How stable is fedora?

Mike Bartman omni at
Tue May 18 01:27:57 UTC 2004

At 03:24 PM 5/17/04 -0400, duncan brown wrote:
>before i start, $380 for RHEL is like getting a full time sysadmin that'll
>take care of your updates for a year.  IT'S CHEAPER THAN HIRING SOMEONE
>FOR $70K.

For the reading impaired: RHEL doesn't have the features I need on my
server system (at least according to the info RH makes available about it).  

You can call imy server a "workstation that provides services" if you like,
but it's actually a server that is sometimes used as a workstation.  Your
big corporation rules for what is appropriate use may apply in the
corporate world, but they don't in my situation.  I've got *enough*
computers cluttering my spare bedrooms...I don't need to go adding more
heat load and power drain just so I can claim that I'm doing things like
the guys with the raised floors.  Their needs and capabilities are very
different, so the solutions are very different.

As for my being a student, not a formal one since 1980, but I am always
learning something new.  I get paid for programming.  I'm not in "IT"
though...I write system stuff, not payroll and database code.

-- Mike Bartman

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