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Re: kernel 2.6 and KVM's

On Mon, 17 May 2004, Jeff Vian wrote:
> Vernon A. Fort wrote:
> > When I boot FC1 with the 2.6 kernel, the screen goes nuts but the 
> > ctrl-alt-f1 -> f7 does not correct the problem.  If I understand you, 
> > the Linksys does NOT display this problem when using the 2.6 kernels?  
> > Yes/no.  I can assure you the Belkin DOES.
> An earlier thread on this topic displayed the fix as using *almost 
> anything* other than Belkin.  I don't remember the brand used, but this 
> seems a problem with Belkin doing hardware switching and not providing a 
> device hold for the machine that is not in use.

As another unhappy cheapo Belkin KVM owner .. yeah, I'm very much dreading
the whole upgrade to FC2 because of this. Not that I switch around
consoles that much but rebooting the systems after each switch is simply
not an option.

A few days from now and eBay will be wondering what the heck struck them
as every FC user has put their Belkin KVM on sale ;)

I know it's a crappy piece of a KVM, but what makes this so annoying is
that it has been working with the switch-to-another-console-and-back
kludge and AFAIK "the other OS" does handle the situation without any
trickery so it's not technically impossible to handle.

	- Panu -

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