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Re: FC2 BitTorrent URL's

On Tue, 2004-05-18 at 08:14, Rodolfo J. Paiz wrote:
> At 23:56 5/17/2004, Scott Burns wrote:
> >I'm pretty sure this is not how TCP/IP works.  If it was, only one person 
> >would be able to telnet/ftp/ssh/whatever into a machine at once.
> >It would also mean that only one person would be able to connect to each 
> >remote torrent client at a time.
> Your comment is logical, and makes sense... but if my earlier concept was 
> wrong, then I'm open to explanations as to the right one. <smile>
I have not looked in to this in detail, however this is roughly how I
would see the system working.

If you look at the original BT clients, you run separate clients for
each download you initiate, these downloads would also act as a server
to other clients trying to connect.
As such, it suggests that it is acting as a typical server, that will
only serve the torrent file that is being downloaded by the client
(within the same process). As such, it works as you would expect an
SSH/Telnet/FTP/blah server to work.
When you start to download another file, it creates another server who's
specific job is to serve the file that is being downloaded. Any number
of clients can connect to each individual server, however if each server
used the same port, how would it know which file to share.

Well, that's how I would see it working, but I may be wrong, as I said,
it's just a guess from looking at the original systems.


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