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Re: Opinion: NVIDIA drivers are a Good Thing [tm]

Rodolfo J. Paiz wrote:

> Their two primary arguments are that this installer is the only way they
> can support lots and lots of Linux distros, kernel versions, etc., and
> that the extremely competitive nature of their business makes it unhealthy
> for them to open-source their code. I am willing to buy those arguments as
> being reasonable; so while I would *prefer* open-source and RPM, I can
> *accept* closed-source and custom installer.

The nvidia drivers are great, but just wait until you have Fedora Core 2
then try to install them. (Starting X will lock your machine up, so that 
you have to press the reset switch).

If the drivers were open source, lots of people could work and soon fix this
problem. In fact, they would probably be part of Fedora Core so you
wouldn't have to install them separately at all.

As things are, who knows when nvidia will release updated drivers that work
with FC2.


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