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Re: FC2 BitTorrent URL's

Scott Burns wrote:

Paul D. Brown wrote:

Quoting from the bittorrent FAQ at http://btfaq.com/serve/cache/25.html

(no doubt elsewhere as well):

Prior to version 3.2, BitTorrent by default uses ports in the range of

6881-6889. As of 3.2 and later, the range has been extended to

6881-6999. (These are all TCP ports, BitTorrent does not use UDP.) The

client starts with the lowest port in the range and sequentially tries

higher ports until it can find one to which it can bind. This means that

the first client you open will bind to 6881, the next to 6882, etc.

Therefore, you only really need to open as many ports as simultaneous

BitTorrent clients you would ever have open. For most people it's

sufficient to open 6881-6889.


Let's see if I understand: I download one file by bt, and other people
can connect to 6881 on my machine to download from me.  I start a second
simultaneous bt download of another file.  Others can now connect to me
on port 6882 to download the second file from me?

This strikes me as slightly loopy given http seems to be able to serve
many files using just one open port...

This is true with the generic client and some others but azureus in fact only uses 1 port for all torrents.

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