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Re: 403 Forbidden

Am Di, den 18.05.2004 schrieb Edwin Humphries um 09:57:

> We have a Fedora web server hosting 3 domains: www.ironstone.com.au, 
> www.e-quality.com.au, www.exportersnetwork.org.au. Used to work fine, 
> but now:

Then you did change something.

> Opening a browser to any of these sites just brings up the Fedora 
> Core Test Page. Accessing it from the localhost via lynx shows a 403 
> Forbidden display, then skips to the Fedora Core Test Page.

If you check /etc/httpd/conf.d/welcome.conf you will see that it is
exactly the default behaviour if you have no indexing page in the
documents root.

> Loading the URL with the directory in which the site is loads the 
> site correctly (eg, http://www.exportersnetwork.org.au/exportnet/).

Be sure what you want the DocumentRoot to be and set it correctly. Of
course use an index page too which will be then presented by default.

> The apache error log shows lots of "Directory index forbidden by 
> Rule: /var/www/html/" with some lines giving a "referer" URL.
> How do I get these websites working again?

Check your Apache2 configuration files and the content of the
directories holding the webpage content.

> Edwin Humphries,


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