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Re: basic list mail content: FC1 or FC2

James Kosin wrote:


3)  Heaven forbid, create separate list for FC1 after this date for
those that use the older version.
~   This way this list always contains the latest FC release questions,
and refer people to another list for FC1 if they ask.  Problem is that
then things get confusing still about FC1 or FC2 and people not
knowing... when looking in the archives.

Maybe it would be better to create new lists as "fedora-1-list" and "fedora-2-list". This way seems quite future-proof (basically fedora-#-list). At the same time, fedora-list archives remain as FC1 only/mostly. Then maybe fedora-list should be closed, or, possibly link/forward fedora-list to the new fedora-1-list. I've never set up a mailing list, so I have no idea if this would work, and if this is even a good idea.

4) Hmmmm.... this may require some deep thinking.....

Hope we find an answer soon, I've already seen several posts about FC2
already.  About some mirrors saying they have it already... including
some bittorret sites.

James Kosin

I hope this gets some thoughts as well.


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