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Re: L440GX+ board

On Tue, 18 May 2004 02:36:15 +0200, Emmanuel Seyman <seyman wanadoo fr> wrote:

I'm trying to install FC 1 on a VA Linux system which has a L440GX+ motherboard and a SCSI card. At installation, the aic7xxx modules starts to load but the installation stops at this point.

I've tried every combinaison of "noprobe noacpi smp pci=biosirq"
that I can think of but still can't make the install continue.

Is there anyway to make this work?
Will FC2 be better in this respect?


The 440GX systems had all sorts of problems at first. I've had a couple of 440GXs and am running one now with FC1 and FC2T3 as I type this. The problem is the mobo BIOS, the BIOS setup, the implementation of the BIOS by the mobo (all of the "one-off" boards were different from the Intel boards, and Intel came out with several fixes/updates to their BIOS) and then the SCSI card.

Before going through all sorts of gyrations try this first;

1. Strip out all of the cards except the SCSI card and put it in the first PCI slot.
2. In your BIOS, turn off/disable "Plug and Play" and "Power Management/APM".
3. In your BIOS, turn on "ACPI" (It may say "ACPI aware O/S") - say Yes.
4. In your BIOS, turn off/disable USB Legacy Support
5. If you are booting from FC1 cds with kernel 2.4.22-1.2115, append to the kernel line when you boot acpi=on
6. If you are booting from any kernel build beyond 2163, you dont't need any reference to acpi

You didn't mention what Adaptec card you have installed. I have an Adaptec 160 - 2940U2W. Some of the older cards may give you problems depending on age and card BIOS.

If the foregoing doesn't work then try some of the other fixes.



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