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Re: USB Flash stick

Firstly, to all the repliers,
A big Thank YOU!

Turns out I learnt something new.

The reason (going back to my original mail) why only my flash works in
Linux FC1 and MDK10 is quite simple.
If you partition and format your stick with Windoze 2000/XP then it
won't work in Linux.( Could depend on the make and model of your stick)
You can quite simply and very quickly setup the stick in linux using
this commands summary:

#/sbin/fdisk /dev/sda1 (deletes and creates partitions)
#mkfs.vfat /dev/sda1 (formats flash fat32)

Now mount and  unmount at will.

I would like to see better mem-stick compatibility in future releases.
Anyway thank you all so much.

Cheers Chad

Chadley - Linux Rocks
Welcome to my world.
This mail is free for distribution. You are free to - delete it - resend
it - use it in anyway that makes you happy. I am not responsible for it
or its content due to ignorance.
Enjoy the adventures of Linux 

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