basic list mail content: FC1 or FC2

Jeff Spaleta jspaleta at
Tue May 18 14:13:13 UTC 2004

On Sun, 16 May 2004 18:14:15 +0200, Alexander Dalloz
<alexander.dalloz at> wrote:
> I think for some time we will see users still running FC1 a lot will
> soon upgrade. But often you can never be certain which stable release
> someone is using, unless he gives that information or you can conclude
> that from a specific package version or such information. So:

in the Irc channel this is a continual fight to keep sanity.

> - Should posters (nearly) always start their postings with a preface,
> stating whether it is Fedora Core 1 or Fedora Core 2?

Should they? it couldn't hurt...but getting people to do it consitently will
take heroic effort. The people that need to use such a preface and
need the help, are undoubtable the people who won't be doing it.

> - Should that be a guideline whether the poster with a question or
> problem knows if the question / problem is release specific or whether
> he does not know?

I'm all for some concensous guidelines on how to use the mailinglists
more effectively. But I have no solution on how to make sure people
read those guidelines. You want to hammer out something, and write
something short in terms of guidelines..and i mean short...i might be
persuaded to see if it can be placed somewhere where people might read
it.  But i guess the utility of such an effort. I don't know if people
really do much in the way of any information research before jumping
on the list...and a written guideline for the list would just be more
reading...that isn't done beforehand.

-jef"me? jaded?"spaleta

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