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RE: basic list mail content: FC1 or FC2

In response to James Kosin's and Dexter Ang's suggestions of additional

NO! All that creating a new list will do is fracture the support

Quite frankly, it's hard enough keeping up with the traffic on this
list. Many of us have stated this numerous times before and the rest of
us have groaned in recognition whenever we have read it.

A new FC2 list would force many fedora-list denizens to choose where
they can most constructively make use of their time. This would not be
good for the fedora community.

Fedora-list was created as THE support venue for all fedora core stable
releases. According to the faq, support is expected to exist for any
given version x until half way through the support cycle for verson x+2.
So EOL on FC1 isn't expected until halfway through the support cycle for

It was expected that there would be discussions in this list covering
multiple current releases. It was just left to us to figure out how to
implement that in a way that will allow us all to retain our (relative)
[in]sanity. ;-)

Eric Diamond
eDiamond Networking & Security
eric <at> ediamond [dot] net

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