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Re: [fedora] Re: kernel 2.6 and KVM's

We've been very happy with the IOGEAR MiniView III, at least with Windoze. Haven't had an opportunity to try it with Linux:



Fritz Whittington wrote:

On or about 2004-05-18 05:37, Vernon A. Fort whipped out a trusty #2 pencil and scribbled:

Chadley Wilson wrote:

On Mon, 2004-05-17 at 17:45, Vernon A. Fort wrote:

Quick question, has anyone found either a hardware setup or a configuration tweek which will allow you to use the wheel mouse
with a KVM device (Curently I use the Belkin SOHO 4port + audio) under the 2.6* kernels.

Hi Vernon Strange that you should experience such a Problem. but I have to ask a
few Q's.
Does the scroll work if the mouse is plugged directly into the PC, (no
What model KVM is it?
Did you only experience the problem after migrating to the 2.6 kernel?
Which kernel is it?

The reason I must ask is I have over 40 Kvms on the production Line here
and apart from dropping the mouse between switching we have never had
any troubles with the scroll


It's one of the newer Belkins SOHO 4 port with audio - I got it early last year. The scroll mouse works under both kernels but with the 2.6 kernel, when you switch back (using KDE) the mouse goes nuts, opening windows. It completly looses control. The normal CTRL-ALT-F1 -> F7 re-syncs the mouse under the 2.4 kernels but does not fix it under the 2.6. Rebooting is the only way I have found to get mouse control back.

The resolution so far is not to use the belkins but before I switch brands, I want to make sure this problem is not an issue with other KVM's.


Perhaps this solution isn't for you, but might work for some people on the list. I've been using an ATEN KVM for a few years now and was quite happy with it. Good video, even at 1600x1200. But when I got a new MS optical mouse with the two extra buttons, the KVM box was not passing those through. Wanting to use the extra buttons under Windows, I just plugged the new mouse directly into the Windows machine, and my old wheel-mouse into the Linux box. Mice, after all, aren't nearly as big as keyboards and CRTs! As long as you only have 2, maybe 3 machines to work with, this beats the $150-200 solution of a new KVM, and works just fine, for me.

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