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Re: trick for editing menu? FC2 - KDE

Jonathan Rawle wrote:

Joshua Andrews wrote:

I am new to FC but not new to RedHat.

I just installed FC2 and found some things missing from the programs
menu in KDE, Pan for one.

I added it with the menu editor about 10 times and it will not show up,
now I look and there is a ~/.local/ full of files pan-x.desktop!  What
magic am I missing here?

Did you retain your settings after upgrading to FC2?

I had lots of problems (couldn't edit the menu, couldn't set file
associations, some submenus completely missing...) so in the end I deleted
my .local directory and now everything seems to work.

It took me a while to find .local - I was looking for something in .kde, so
I did delete a few other things such as .kde/share/config/profilerc - you
might want to try that too. (Of course, copy the files somewhere else -
don't delete them until you're sure it works!)


Thanks for the reply,
I did a clean install so there are no old setting conflicting anywhere.
There is something very screwy about the menu, I have yet to figure exactly where it is getting its configuration since the menu editor has almost no effect on it. Plus, I really don't like the seperators "|Actions|", "|All Applications|", etc. and I would like to get rid of them. There must be an XML file or something somewhere I can manually edit.

Anyway, at this point there are certain to be many more important issues than appearances but I really really don't like not being able to change the menu.


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