iiim problems in FC2

Thomas Huining Feng hfeng2 at cs.mcgill.ca
Tue May 18 19:53:40 UTC 2004

I'm a Chinese user. I didn't used iiim before I install FC2. I don't
like it after my first try. It supports too few input methods for
Chinese. It always displays an annoying white rectangle beside the

Another problem is, once I switch to the Chinese language, iiim is
automatically enabled. This is nothing bad. However, when I switch
back to English, its annoying white box still appears beside each
window!!! I find out that XIM is set to htt in ~/.i18n. This option is
set even for English sessions.

I then want to disable the iiim system-wide service, 'cause I'm not
going to use it any more. However, disabling this service makes KDE
applications hang mysteriously. This means I have to turn it on even
if I don't use iiim.

It's definitely not the best choice of IME in Linux. I'd like to use
SCIM. I wonder why Fedora people make other IMs obsolete while turning
to use iiim. Is it a good idea to do so?

Thomas Huining Feng

MSDL, McGill, Montreal, QC Canada

Homepage: http://msdl.cs.mcgill.ca/people/tfeng/
Current Research: http://msdl.cs.mcgill.ca/people/tfeng/?research=scc
Email: hfeng2 at cs.mcgill.ca

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