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Re: FC2 & dual boot.. problem still there :(

Am Di, den 18.05.2004 schrieb Cormac Long um 21:25:


> So it was a downer!.. and I realise that windows is bad and evil.. but
> I need to to have dual boots and I'm sure that many others out there
> are also in this boat.

I've planned to kicked my great running fc1 for a fresh fc2 after backup
my linux home. But now i've read your post, shortly before reboot. *puh*
;-) Now, i'm afraid to loose the dual boot and my game system windows
xp. I don't have the capacity and leisure to backup all the game stuff.

I've searching around and find this in bugzilla:

They are speaking from LOOSING DATA! 
This should be priority ONE in bugfixing, if this really is a bug.

I think i'll stay with my working fc1 until i've understand about CHS
and LBA Mode, what i'm currently using and what all can happend to me.

Hope for your freaks out there! :-)

Thx and Greetz

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