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Re: Request to FC2 Developers: need floppy to network install

On Tue, 18 May 2004, david wrote:

> I and others on the list have asked for help because of no floppy bootstrap 
> install capability for installing FC2.
> Numerous alternatives have been suggested, but they have failed for 
> me.  Rejected alternatives include:
> 1)  Find an unused partition (well, I don't have one)
> 2)  Use BootMagic to boot from CDROM - (I tried it, but the cdrom doesn't 
> seem to be properly supported after anaconda starts)
> 3)  Use USB pendrive (sorry, machine is too old for that, and ROM doesn't 
> support anything except floppy and hard drive)
> 4)  Use tftp  - gosh ... I wouldn't even know where to start for that.
> I personally wouldn't mind if the two diskette method of FC1 (one kernel 
> and one for drivers) became several diskettes.  I then used the network and 
> finished the load via FTP.
> Or, perhaps the minimum hardware requirements of Fedora should be amended.
> So, I hope the proper people can give this some consideration.
> If I have posted this to the wrong mailing list, I'm sure I'll hear about it.
> David Kurn

Amen to that, David! Hopefully, they will hear. It's still the best way for

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