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Re: i2o - howto install?

-=Brian Truter=- wrote:
Has anyone had luck installing FC2 using the new i2o driver?

The release notes say something about the i2o_proc module needing to be
manually loaded during disk probing, but it is vague. It does't say how or
when exactly to do this during installation.

The release notes point you to http://i2o.shadowconnect.com for more
information. There is lots of good stuff there, but nothing that gives any
information about what to do during an installation.

Maybe Warren Togami, Alan Cox, or Markus Lidel could shine a little light on
this for us please?

Thanks for any help anyone can provide.

I didn't have a chance to finish the driver disk and write instructions at the i2o homepage. Meanwhile this is how you can install it yourself...

First verify that your card is one of the supported I2O cards listed on the i2o homepage?

1) Unpack the kernel RPM for your FC2 installer. 32bit is the "i586" kernel, and 64bit is the "x86_64" kernel. Use a command like:

rpm2cpio kernel-2.6.5-1.358.i586.rpm | cpio -idv

2) Take the i2o_proc.ko module and put it on a web server somewhere.

3) At the first screen of isolinux, use "expert askmethod" as a boot option. Do any network install where you manage to get online.

4) When it asks if you want to load any driver disks, go into ALT-F2 terminal and wget the module into /tmp. Use insmod to load that module and lsmod to verify that it was loaded.

5) Go back into Anaconda and go through the next few screens. Disk Druid should now see the i2o disks. Everything *SHOULD* work now. At least it did for us in testing.

6) After installation you wont ever need the i2o_proc module again, and it should *JUST WORK*. If not report your results here and I will try to help.

Warren Togami
wtogami redhat com

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