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Re: iiim problems in FC2

Thomas Huining Feng wrote:
I'm a Chinese user. I didn't used iiim before I install FC2. I don't
like it after my first try. It supports too few input methods for
Chinese. It always displays an annoying white rectangle beside the

Another problem is, once I switch to the Chinese language, iiim is
automatically enabled. This is nothing bad. However, when I switch
back to English, its annoying white box still appears beside each
window!!! I find out that XIM is set to htt in ~/.i18n. This option is
set even for English sessions.

I then want to disable the iiim system-wide service, 'cause I'm not
going to use it any more. However, disabling this service makes KDE
applications hang mysteriously. This means I have to turn it on even
if I don't use iiim.

It's definitely not the best choice of IME in Linux. I'd like to use
SCIM. I wonder why Fedora people make other IMs obsolete while turning
to use iiim. Is it a good idea to do so?

IIIMF is the next generation unified framework for improved CJK input in all of our future software. During the FC2 and FC3 cycle we need user reports from people like you, to know exactly what you dislike about its function and Look & Feel. With your help, we will be able to do several updates to IIIMF and related tools during the FC2 cycle to make it better suit your needs.

The current FC development schedule has XIM for removal by FC3, so it is imperative that you complain LOUD and HARD now.

In the mean time is im-switch unsuitable for switching back to XIM?
I am unsure about the white box problem, I thought that problem had been fixed for English sessions.

Have you tried the gimlet GNOME panel applet?

Warren Togami
wtogami redhat com

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