iiim problems in FC2

Hideki Hiura hiura at openi18n.org
Tue May 18 22:35:27 UTC 2004

> From: Thomas Huining Feng <hfeng2 at cs.mcgill.ca>
> I'm a Chinese user. I didn't used iiim before I install FC2. I don't
> like it after my first try. It supports too few input methods for
> Chinese.

Not all of IIIMF LEs(input methods) available are a part of FC2 at a
time of FC2 release. Meanwhile you can add additional LEs by directly
downloading from openi18n.org.
Please take a look at the list of LEs at 

> It always displays an annoying white rectangle beside the window.

You can add GIMLET to panel, then those white rectangle(this is called
IM Status Window) will immediately disappered, and then all IM status
will be displayed on the panel by GIMLET.

You can see how it should be at

If you add GIMPET, you can independently enable/disable status window
from existance of GIMLET.

> Another problem is, once I switch to the Chinese language, iiim is
> automatically enabled. This is nothing bad. However, when I switch
> back to English, its annoying white box still appears beside each
> window!!! I find out that XIM is set to htt in ~/.i18n. This option is
> set even for English sessions.

The htt is an XIM backward compatibility module, which supports
legacy XIM client. All gnome apps(and will soon be KDE apps) be
directly supported via gtk+ immodule IIIMGCF.

Since the English session you called is actually no longer truly
English session, it is en_*.UTF-8 locale, so natually multi-lingual.

I use en_US.UTF-8 locale usually, and input whatever the languages
I need. 
You don't have to logout from "English session" and re-login into
"Chinese session" to input Chinese any more with Fedora and IIIMF

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