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Re: FC2 & dual boot.. problem still there :(

Am Di, den 18.05.2004 schrieb William Hooper um 22:52:
> Schlueri said:
> > I've searching around and find this in bugzilla:
> > http://bugzilla.redhat.com/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=115980
> >
> > They are speaking from LOOSING DATA!
> > This should be priority ONE in bugfixing, if this really is a bug.
> Without a consistent way of duplicating it, it is very hard to fix. 
> Saying it should be "priority ONE" doesn't fix the fact that no one has
> nailed down what is causing it yet, and not everyone with a dual boot
> system will see it.

As i understand, there is a chance that i'll not hit by this issue. 
I'll try it and if there is a problem, then i'll try to help finding this bug.

Sorry for some misspelling, i'm learning english by doing, with some help:
http://dict.leo.org/ ;-)

BTW: Someone who reports that vmware 4.5.1-7568 runs fine with fc2?


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