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Re: Finally got hold of FC2 now how to install it

On Tue, 2004-05-18 at 16:29, Vikas Kedia wrote:
> What jakub suggests is unfortunately not an option.
> Since the server has a 80 GB hard drive and all of it
> is currently one partition.
> Will either of the following two ideas work:
> A. I have my laptop running FC2 and it has the iso's
> on it. Can i do some kind of NFS install or network
> install from the laptop,
> B. I have a USB hard drive with fat 32 parition on it.
> Can i put the iso's on it and do something with it,
Just in case it has not been made completely clear.

You can use the suggestion with regards to grub to get the boot image on
to the machine, and then use an NFS/FTP/HTTP install to get to the rest
of the data.

At my office, I have a machine with the ./i386/os/ directories exported
via nfs (and http for yum), I then boot from a cd (but can be done with
the grub suggestion) at the Fedora Core welcome message (when it asks
what you want to do), I type linux askmethod.

Even though I am using the ./i386/os, there is no problem with using the
./i386/iso (or the x86-64 stuff depending or arch), you will not have to
do any thing other then share out the directory containing the ISO's, it
really is amazingly simple.

Any questions, I'm more then happy to try and help.


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