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Re: [FC2] VNC-4.0-beta, Xorg-X11 and remote :0

On Wed, May 19, 2004 at 06:22:06PM +1000, Steffen Kluge wrote:

> Hi all,
> one of the most thrilling (for me) features on VNC v4 is the ability to
> "remote" the local display by means of an XFree86 loadable module.
> Since FC2 ships with VNC 4.0-beta as well as Xorg-X11 (rather than
> XFree86) I'm assuming that the Fedora developers made the vnc module
> work with Xorg-X11.
> Not having installed FC2 myself yet, I'd like to know whether anybody
> can confirm this assumption.

The module itself works, yes, but unfortunately Xvnc is still based on
XFree86.  I couldn't get the vncExt hook to get called in an
xorg-x11-based Xvnc.

The upshot is that you can put 'Load "vnc"' in your xorg.conf file and
it works, and Xvnc also works, but I still need to look at why
building against xorg-x11 doesn't give good results.


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