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Re: [FC2] VNC-4.0-beta, Xorg-X11 and remote :0

On Wed, 2004-05-19 at 18:41, Tim Waugh wrote:
> The module itself works, yes, but unfortunately Xvnc is still based on
> XFree86.  I couldn't get the vncExt hook to get called in an
> xorg-x11-based Xvnc.

Is this a problem (other than cosmetic)? As long as it works... :)

> The upshot is that you can put 'Load "vnc"' in your xorg.conf file and
> it works, and Xvnc also works, but I still need to look at why
> building against xorg-x11 doesn't give good results.

Are XFree86 and Xorg-X11 substantially different? The FC2 release notes
gave me the impression that Xorg-X11 took over from XFree86 at about
version 4.4.0-rc2, more or less. I was assuming the majority of the code
base would be the same...

Btw, where can one read more about the politics (if any) of XFree86 vs
Xorg? Both homepages don't seem to talk much about it.


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