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Re: Dial on Demand

Matthew Miller wrote:

On Wed, May 19, 2004 at 03:09:40PM +1000, Richard McGrath wrote:

How could I get my FC box to dial a ppp interface (ISDN modem) whenever a DNS request is detected outside of the boxes network (assuming the same box is the local DNS server).


Not sure if there's an RPM package anywhere....

Wow - is diald still around? I was using that back in 5.2 days up until about 7.3.

Reason I stopped is because it wasn't well supported anymore, and the higher I went up in distros, the more weird problems I was getting.

The file they've released even seems to be from 2001 and the CVS tree seems to stem from 23 months ago, so I'm not sure it is actively being developed. Mind you - it may be 'perfect' now and need no more developing.

Anyway, the reason for my e-mail is that ppp has demand dialling built in. It works like:

pppd ---> dialler ---> pppd

instead of

dialler ---> pppd

the pppd daemon loads, sits and waits until there is traffic to be had for ppp0, then fires up your dialler.

It works, but is nowhere near as flexible as diald.

Just to mention an alternative.


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