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Firefox and Thunderbird for FC2

Fedora Extras has published today firefox and thunderbird packages for FC1 and FC2. These packages have been heavily patched and polished to integrate nicely into the Preferred Applications framework of FC2. This means that you can go into the Preferences -> Preferred Applications chooser, select Firefox & Thunderbird, and the GNOME desktop should fully honor your choice of browser and mail client when clicking hyperlinks in various programs of FC2.

Please follow the directions on this page if you do not already use Fedora Extras. Report problems of firefox & thunderbird to bugzilla.fedora.us.

FC1 users can also use firefox & thunderbird from the Fedora Extras stable repository, but unfortunately the Preferred Applications framework in FC1 is a bit broken. As a workaround you can run this script as your non-root user to set your profile to use these two applications.

Warren Togami
wtogami redhat com

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