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Re: FC2 and Via Epia

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On Wednesday 19 May 2004 11:37, Dave Jones wrote:

> This one is puzzling (its in bugzilla already, though I don't have
> the number to hand). It only seems to affect certain users, and the
> only thing we've established so far is that it seems to be a motherboard
> (or BIOS) problem rather than CPU related.


I updated the BIOS radically, from a very old vintage to the latest when I 
first met the problem, it had no effect.

2.6.5-1.327 boots on it, but no later kernel does.  However, even with that I 
have stability problems, the board will not stay up for more than 48 hours.  
It is NOT heat, I can hold my hand on the passive heatsink just fine... and 
although I would be happy to entertain the idea of a flaky board, this exact 
setup has been living under my TV for a year or so on 24/7 for months at a 
time with zero crashes.  This was on RH9 with 2.4 kernel and then FC1 
retrofitted with an early Arjan 2.6 test kernel.

- -Andy

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